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Energy Psychology

Energy Psychology techniques work with "energy points," which have been used for thousands of years in the practices of acupuncture and yoga. These points are located on the surface of the skin throughout the body and can be stimulated for the purpose of correcting disturbed energy patterns that are at the root of anxiety, depression, and unresolved relationship patterns.

I have three levels of training in an Energy Psychology called Advanced Integrative Therapy (formerly Seemorg Matrix Work). This approach works by moving the body's natural healing energy through the chakras (major energy centers) to release the painful emotions that surface from the after-effects of traumatic events.

This approach is excellent for identifying and treating the link between traumas from earlier in life and their connection to similar current issues. For example, if you struggle with anxiety or depression, there may be one or more traumatic incidents from earlier in your life that your current symptoms are connected to, keeping the problems emotionally charged in the present.

This approach allows for the treatment of less obvious, more subtle traumatic patterns, such as being consistently disappointed or ignored throughout childhood. This approach is also very effective for targeting and transforming specific negative beliefs, such as "I'm useless" into positive, supportive beliefs such as "I'm valuable."

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