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Counseling Techniques

The counseling modalities I use break down into a number of different categories: trauma healing, attachment healing, psycho-spiritual healing, and performance enhancement.

A.   Trauma Healing Approaches

These powerful techniques are effective for releasing the painful emotions, negative thinking, and behavior patterns that are at the root of your anxiety, depression, or relationship problems. They include:

  1. EMDR
  2. Brainspotting
  3. Body-Mind Therapy
  4. Energy Psychology

B.   Attachment Oriented Approaches

Attachment oriented approaches are especially useful for healing the emotional pain related to unmet developmental needs (e.g., safety, protection, nurture, affection, love, emotional support, validation, acceptance), which are an underlying source of anxiety, depression, and relationship problems.

  1. The Developmental Needs Meeting Strategy (DNMS)
  2. Imaginal Nurturing
  3. Dyadic Resourcing

C.   Psycho-spiritual Approaches

These methods are effective for building greater awareness and self-acceptance, changing unsatisfying patterns and behaviors, and developing the necessary skills to meet your life goals. This approach also helps you to live in the present moment and to open to your true nature, which encompasses the inherent qualities of happiness, well-being, presence, and love. They include:

  1. Transpersonal Psychology
  2. Voice Dialogue
  3. Inner Relationship Focusing
  4. Gestalt Therapy

D.   Performance Enhancement

Performance Enhancement (also referred to as "Peak Performance" or "Optimal Performance") is helpful if you want to decrease the obstacles to your success and start functioning optimally in the most important areas of your life. Examples include boosting your academic or athletic performance, improving your effectiveness as a parent or your work performance, advancing your career, or becoming a more competent performer.

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